• Bryan Haley Serves As A Sales Manager

  • Posted on June 22, 2015
  • Bryan Haley serves as a Sales Manager for Spirit of Change, which is the largest and most well-respected holistic magazine in New England. This is hardly his first foray into sales—he has been working in the sales field for more than twenty years. This means that he brings a great deal of experience to the table for Spirit of Change.

    Bryan R. Haley has been employed at various times as Director of Sales Operation or Sales Administration, or Sales Manager. It is a role that he is comfortable in because he has been performing the duties for so many years now. He has a natural talent for assembling and running sales teams that are successful and productive. Bryan R. Haley has been able to put together sales teams that are cooperative efforts that combine ingenuity and new-school sales tactics with old-school salespeople who know how to seal deals with customers. Bryan Haley puts the needs of his sales teams' needs ahead of his own, seeking to ensure the success of his sales team first and foremost and understanding that with their success comes his own.

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